Writer’s Block Busters: Writing and Exercise

I’ve recently started to take my netbook to the gym. At first, it looked frightfully delicate amongst heavy equipment with intimidating names like Hamer Strength. But I bought it so I could write anywhere, right? I do a set of lifts (ten reps on a machine), then write a paragraph. I am amazed by how much writing is getting done, and I’m totally distracted from the fact that I’m working out. My writing is clean and fresh when I’m exercising, maybe because of all the extra blood being pumped to my brain. On days when I get a case of writer’s block, it’s off to the gym. It only takes one set to get the words flowing again.


About nwharrisbooks

Born and raised in a small town in north Georgia, my imagination evolved under the swaying pines surrounding my family's log home. On summer days that were too hot, winter days that were too cold, and every night into the wee hours I read books. My face was rarely seen, always hidden behind a binding. I was nurtured on fiction. Now it is my turn to create some of my own. I live in sunny southern California with my beautiful wife and two perfect children (I may be biased). I write like I read, constantly. I studied anthropology at UCSB and medicine at SUNY Buffallo.
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1 Response to Writer’s Block Busters: Writing and Exercise

  1. Clarke says:

    I find during running, that clarity hits me…I often wish I have a book to write in during those times. Great stuff keep it up!

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