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Awesome Review of “Joshua’s Tree”

I wanted to share another awesome review I got for “Joshua’s Tree.” Click the cover image after the review to pop over to amazon.com and check out other reviews or buy the book. “Most teens don’t celebrate their seventeenth birthday … Continue reading


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Sigh–Benefits of a Break

I haven’t blogged much lately. I haven’t worked on my novels much either. As usual, it hasn’t been by choice. Work, kids starting back at school, and life in general has forced me to take a few weeks off from … Continue reading

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Why Read (or reread) the Classics

Lately most of the books I have read are dusty old novels who’s copy writes have long expired. Many of these books I read when I was a kid, but about six months ago I decided to read them again. … Continue reading

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Immortality From a Science Fiction Writer’s Perspective

Immortality has maintained its popularity in the fiction world for many generations. The ability to live forever is a gift many fantasy writers bestow upon their characters and don’t have to really justify it as long as they play within … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Busters: Writing and Exercise

I’ve recently started to take my netbook to the gym. At first, it looked frightfully delicate amongst heavy equipment with intimidating names like Hamer Strength. But I bought it so I could write anywhere, right? I do a set of lifts (ten … Continue reading

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Critique Groups

Hi. This my first blog. I’ll be posting my trials, triumps and failures (hopefully few) for fellow writers to follow. My first bit of advice–join a critique group. It is the most powerful thing I’ve done for my writing. I … Continue reading

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