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ReBlog: Why Your Book Page is UN-Selling Your Book

Originally posted on Time to Write:
Why Your Book Page is UN-Selling Your Book This afternoon, I am re-blogging a post by Jeff Bennington over at “The Writing Bomb”. In this post, Jeff discusses a consulting engagement with an aspiring…

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Mountain Flowers

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If you can’t say something nice…

Should be taught to our kids in their first computer class!

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“Save The Cat”–A great book for writers and moviegoers

“Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder is a nonfiction book I’d recommend ever writer and moviegoer read. It is specifically written as a how-to book for screenwriting and was recommended by a writer friend of mine. I personally don’t write … Continue reading

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Webook: A Query Experiment

I’m conducting a querying experiment via a website called Webook. It’s a query service that allows you to submit your query, which they proofread and send out to agents who specialize in your genre. At the moment, the service is … Continue reading

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Another Way to get an Agent or get Published

Finding an agent or editor to look at your novel and getting it published is a long and tedious job. It took years for me to find my publisher, and I endured quite a few rejections. While the rejections make … Continue reading

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51 seconds in…

Originally posted on Audio SeXXX:
By the 51 second mark of this video I was like wow and by the end of the video I had to take time to digest all of my amazement  

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