Getting on the Shelves of Barnes & Noble Stores

Last week I managed to get my book, The Last Orphans, on the shelves of nine out of ten of my local Barnes & Noble stores (San Diego area). The tenth store didn’t have a manager available who could process the order, or I’m certain they would’ve ordered some books too.

My publisher, Clean Teen Publishing, paved the road for me because they work with a reputable distributer who sells books to B&N. When The Last Orphans was published last October, Clean Teen told me that our distributer, Midpoint, had sold a bunch of books to Barnes & Noble. I received a sales sheet that told me which B&N warehouses ordered copies of my book. The closest warehouse to me is in Reno, Nevada, and there are more scattered across the country that distribute to different regions. It was exciting, but unfortunately being in the warehouse doesn’t mean the book ends up in a store straight away. It has to be ordered by the managers of each store, who, I imagine, have a lot of books to choose from.

When I didn’t see any copies in my local B&N stores, I decided to try to do something about it. I ordered ten copies of my novel and asked my awesome publisher for a sales packet I could leave with the store managers. The Last Orphans was an Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Science Fiction category of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards, and I put gold stickers from that competition on each of the copies.

USABestBookAwardsFinalistTLOI set my sights on my favorite local B&N Store, knowing I’d be more comfortable making the first sale in my stomping grounds. I met the manager and told her about my book, explaining I was a local writer and my novel was in the B&N warehouse. She entered the ISBN, and The Last Orphans popped up on her screen. In less than a minute, she’d ordered copies for the store. My mission was complete—my longtime dream of seeing my book in a bookstore realized!


I left the copy of my book and the four page sales brochure, which included all the information about The Last Orphans and The Harvest, The Last Orphans Book 2. Hoping for future sales, I pointed out that Book 2 comes out April 14 and informed her that Barnes and Noble had pre-ordered a grip of copies. She was super friendly and seemed happy to get a free book.

I walked out of that first store with my confidence boosted. The rest of my stops were much the same. They all ordered my book, and some even said they’d put it on the end cap of the aisle to give it the best chance of getting seen. Plus, the store managers said they’d have the employee who liked my genre read the books I left so they could make recommendations to customers.

I managed to get a lot of books on the shelves. Does this mean I’ll make a lot of money? Maybe, maybe not, time will tell. The hardest part of this whole writing journey has been getting my work in front of people, getting the publicity needed to connect with consumers. I’m hoping I sell out in all those stores, but I’m also content that I’m getting the word out there. If it does result in an increase in sales, I’ll be headed to Los Angeles next. I’m betting there are a lot of B&N stores there!

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Kindle Countdown Deal

The Last Orphans will be off the Kindle Unlimited program soon (a program that allows you to read lots of books for one monthly fee, #netflix for books). I know many people are not signed up for Kindle Unlimited, so we’re offering The Last Orphans as a Kindle Countdown Deal for anyone who couldn’t take advantage of KU. 28 hours left to get the best deal, then it goes up incrementally every 30 hours until returning to full price. #kindleunlimited #amazonprime #kindlecountdowndeal #CTP

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149,760 Minutes and counting… The Harvest, The Last Orphans #2

8,985,600 seconds or
or 149,760 minutes
or 2496 hours
or 104 days
or 14 weeks and 6 days until The Harvest, The Last Orphans #2 is released! (I’m not counting or anything, lol). 🙂 Here’s the GoodReads link:

Haven’t read The Last Orphans? Click the cover pics below to go to and check out the reviews. The Last Orphans is on Kindle Unlimited for a short while longer. Read for free!


Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Science Fiction category of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards–
* * * *
InD’tale Magazine–November 2014 Issue: Five Stars and a Crowned Heart!

“…Mr. Harris keeps one on the edge of their seat throughout this apocalyptic young adult story. “The Last Orphans” shows a terrifyingly realistic view of what could happen… …This story is a great start to an excellent series and will have readers begging and pleading for more!”

Heather Mcguire, InD’tale Magazine




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For the reluctant reader on your shopping list…

Love this review The Last Orphans just received! I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people who feel the same as this reader. If you have a reluctant reader (someone who has trouble finishing books), maybe The Last Orphans is good medicine for them.

Danny rated it 5 of 5 stars (From GoodReads)
“I came across this book by chance while looking up random books on Kindle Unlimited. Although I never heard of the author I was intrigued by the book description and decided to give it a chance. Long story short this is one of the best books I’ve read. When I read I tend to get bored quickly and often times take weeks to finish a book that should only take a few hours to read. In fact the last few books I have read I only made it halfway and stopped reading completely, unable to stay interested to make it through to the end. However, I read this book in one sitting and find myself disappointed that I have to wait until the sequel is out to read more! At least there is another series of his that I can read in the meantime! Fans of Hunger Games, the Gone Series and Maze Runner will love this book. If you are debating picking this book up then I absolutely recommend you do, you will not regret it!”

#KindleUnlimited #AmazonPrime #HungerGames #GoneSeries #MazeRunner #reluctantreader




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Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do–Check :-)

Earned my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do on Friday, Dec 5, 2014! This is a short video of a brick breaking I did. First time I’ve ever broken one of these bad boys. It was a bit harder than breaking wood. The towel is there to prevent shards from cutting my hand. Invigorating to apply all that my Masters have taught me. Earned my Black Belt through a Chung Do Kwan (Ocean Beach Martial Arts) School, which is one of the original Kwans (schools) of Tae Kwon Do, dating back to the martial art’s origins.


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A look back on the first month of publication–The Last Orphans by N.W. Harris

The Last Orphans is earning a grip of great reviews from discerning readers! Last week it was named an Award Winning Finalist in the USA Book News Awards. The book just came out on October 9th–it’s been a busy month for my new baby!

“…Mr. Harris keeps one on the edge of their seat throughout this apocalyptic young adult story. “The Last Orphans” shows a terrifyingly realistic view of what could happen… …This story is a great start to an excellent series and will have readers begging and pleading for more!” Heather McGuire IND’TALE MAGAZINE–5 STARS and a coveted CROWNED HEART

“OHMAIGAWD THIS BOOK! I love, love, love post-apocalyptic style books, and was so excited that I found this one. While I adore zombies, plagues, and all the usual methods of arriving at “the end of the world”, I was overjoyed to find a unique take on the trip with The Last Orphans… …This is going on my re-read list, as well as my top 10 for this year…” 5 STARS–Bob the Platypire, PLATYPIRE REVIEWS

“…If you read nothing else this year or better yet, if your YA reader reads nothing else this year, make this a priority. All this fantastic reading and no zombies in sight!” 5 STARS–DILI, TOP 500 REVIEWER AMAZON.COM

Got a Kindle? The Last Orphans is now available for Kindle Unlimited for a limited time! Read unlimited books for one price, it’s like Netflix for books!

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Interview With N.W. Harris, author of The Last Orphans

Books and Such

Today I’m excited to welcome N.W. Harris to Books & 22030244 (1)Such!  His action-packed, YA post-apocalyptic novel, TheLast Orphans, was released October 9, 2014.  If you missed my review, check it out here.

Teri:  Tell us about your writing background.

N.W.:  I consider myself an artist. I like to paint, sculpt, build, anything that allows me creative outlet. Writing is the ultimate outlet for me. I choose to write YA because it is what I’ve always loved to read the most. I like YA characters, how much conflict they have in their lives, and I feel like I have something unique to offer in the genre.

 T:  What was it that planted the seed for The Last Orphans?

N:  I grew up in the South, and I love science fiction. I’ve always wanted to write a story that merges the two—that takes small-town kids and…

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Book review – The Last Orphans by: N. W. Harris

Little Rittwolf's Book Blog

The Last Orphans by: N. W. Harris


**This book is published by Clean Teen Publishing, but that does not mean that it is a clean read or recommended for all ages.

Please visit their website and read their Disclosure Tree to find out more about their rating of this book. The link to the content disclosure is located about half way down the page. **

Book description:

“In a span of mere hours, the entire adult population is decimated, leaving sixteen-year-old Shane Tucker and every other kid in the world to fend for themselves. On a quest for answers, they discover the annihilation of the adults was only the beginning. Shane and his friends are not the unlucky survivors left to inherit this new, messed-up planet. No—they are its next victims. There is an unknown force out there, and it won’t stop until every human in the world is dead.”

My review…

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Interview The Southern Collective Experience’s Poet–Felino A. Soriano

I’m interviewing another talented member of The Southern Collective Experience, renowned poet Felino A. Soriano. A Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee with well over four thousand poems published in nearly six hundred online journals, he has established himself as a real force in the world of words. Felino, tell us about your work.

Thank you, Neil.

My poetry stems from a fascination with language’s limitless exposure to altering awareness, and its multilayered opportunities to perceive and further explicate, one’s environment. In addition to exterior motivation of looking for openings to expand on how the paradigm of language interactions engage with environment, I am also reacting to the exterior stimulation of jazz (or simply, good music). I often listen to this music—while driving, while working on a task at work, in addition to during the interaction with writing a poem.

In the context of my writing, jazz alters my perception; its language fascinates through rhythm, which subconsciously transfers into the language and pace of my poetry. I am also enthralled by jazz’s imperative function of improvisation, and this type of philosophy of creation is one I parallel with my own artistic endeavors; thus, I rarely, beyond correcting a misspelled word, edit any of my work. I have a wide spectral affinity for very disparate musicians (e.g. Miles Davis, Cecil Taylor, Jason Moran, Robert Glasper, Takuya Kuroda, Christian Scott, Alice Coltrane, Peter Brötzmann, Susie Ibarra, Charles Mingus, Geri Allen, and many, many more), which over time, has transformed my style and brand of poetic language. My work is difficult, as I do not use a transparent language to create clarity for the sake of clear understanding. I learned early in my writing to avoid clichés in poetic description; and thus, I’ve taken that advice into a contemplative state each time I delve into the writing process, and endeavor to cultivate an authentic poetry.

I love your respect for words! Each time I sit down and write, I learn something new about words and how their arrangement can influence emotion and thought. Your poetry is great kindling to fire up the mind for sure! Tell us how it is you became a poet. What was your journey?

In high school I wrote poetry sporadically, mainly for then-girlfriends. This was in the early 1990’s. On January 1, 2000, I recall having a very strong desire to sit down and write a poem. Other than learning briefly about poetry in high school English classes and a bit in College, I hadn’t a true fathom of writing. I relied on intuition and searching for poets to read from which to learn. Around that time I was introduced to Octavio Paz and Li Po, which were very early influences. In 2004, while in a bookstore, I came across a copy of the literary journal The Bitter Oleander, which was fully dedicated to the acclaimed poet, philosopher, painter, and photographer, Duane Locke. Prior to seeing the issue, I hadn’t read Duane’s work. The issue contains several of Duane’s poems and a long interview discussing his multilayered work and philosophy of creating. I read the issue several times, and in 2006 I read more of Duane’s work online. One journal included his email address and I sent him a brief letter indicating my appreciation for his work. He responded asking me to send some of my work.

A friendship then burgeoned, and Duane has encouraged my writing more than any other person.

My poetry is a function of my natural introversive disposition. I enjoy thinking critically about numerous topics and how to apply discovery to various aspects of my life. I write so often because it provides opportunity to interact creatively with language, which then provides a language exterior to the routine communication of everydayness. It is in this metaphysical endeavor I attempt to uncover through revealing altered descriptions of what exists in the plain and often missed angles of environment.

It seems poetry was a part of you all along, just needing a good reason to surface. Why do you think poetry is important in the world today?

Poetry—reading, writing, etc., for me, is an Epicurean act. From this standpoint, it is important to engage with creative endeavors that provide openings for engagement with joyfulness. I am happiest when spending time with my family, when working, when listening to jazz, and when reading and writing. Surrounding oneself with joyous occurrences assist in clarity of purpose and positioning of an encouraging perspective.

So what’s in the future? What are you working on now?

I’ll start with mentioning an online journal I founded in May called Of/with: journal of immanent renditions. It is a biannual journal that had its first issue released in September. I started this project from the perspective of wanting to showcase others’ works whom I find excellent. I am also the founding editor of another online journal called Counterexample Poetics, and a contributing editor for the online journal Sugar Mule.

Regarding my writing, I am currently working on a new collection I am calling Forms, migrating; it will be a five-section volume:

The improvisation of verbs

The animation of exteriors

The ornamentation of sounds

The derivation of hours

The circumference of silences

I am currently writing The animation of exteriors, which is fully dedicated to ekphrasis. The focus of this collection is on transvaluing the predetermined connection to forms, and highlight habitual movements that delve beyond circumstances of limiting understanding based on perspective and definitional sameness.

I’ve interviewed Cliff Brooks, Ezra Letra, James Chang, and other members of the Southern Collective Experience and can say some amazing talent surrounds you. I’m a huge fan and expect lots more great things from you guys. Where can we find your words, website, and FB page?

Absolutely, the gentlemen you mentioned are all excellent and are creating some fine works. An internet search will reveal many of my published works; however, my website has links to all of my available published poems, including those in journals, anthologies, etc., and links to my books. There, you can also read various interviews, see images, and read more about my editorships. I also have a Facebook page, and am on Twitter.

Personal website:

Founding editor of Of/with:

Founding editor of Counterexample Poetics:

Contributing editor of Sugar Mule:

Facebook page:


Felino, it’s been a pleasure talking to you.

Neil, I appreciate the kind opportunity. Thank you, very much.


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The Last Orphans is now available for Kindle Unlimited!

The Last Orphans is now available for Kindle Unlimited! #KindleUnlimited #Amazon #AmazonPrime #AmazonUnlimited #KindleDeal


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